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Thank you for choosing the Patternbox App.  Patternbox came from a need to easily see my sewing patterns.  I had so many patterns it was hard to remember which ones I had purchased,  so I created Patternbox. Now I can open the app anywhere and have access to my patterns and the information I need to make a project. 

I hope you enjoy Patternbox as much as I do. 

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How to Use Patternbox

Lets get started by selecting an option to load your patterns and supplies.

Select an option to get started.

Select Patterns to load, view, or work with patterns. This is the same for other sections.

Upload Supplies

  To start loading Patterns,  take a picture, front and back, and add it to the category you choose. Tap the image to view the back. You  can also bookmark a pattern you are working on to come back to it easily.

Add Fabric, Notions and Projects

 Along with keeping track of your patterns, Patternbox lets you keep track of your Fabric inventory, Notions you have on hand,  and Projects you are working on. 

Customize Categories

You can add Patterns and Fabric to preset categories or you can easily create you own.


 You can keep track of a project  that you’re working on by adding photos, Fabric choices, Notions needed, and notes about who the project is for.

PDF patterns

  When buying a PDF pattern from a website, first select DOWNLOAD, then the  OPEN WITH option, and choose Patternbox to send your pattern directly to the app. From there you can add information and select a category. You also have the option to print the PDF pattern  from Patternbox.

Move PDF files

Save PDFs after purchase

Move Patterns from other apps like Dropbox

Customize Search

The Information you use when you upload your patterns, or other supplies, allow you to customize how you search. You can search by Pattern names, numbers or any  other information you choose to add, or even by the way you have your physical patterns in order. For example, I have a favorite pants pattern.

Delete Options

Delete with search Icon. 1.

Select Patterns


Select search icon in the top right corner


Find the pattern you want to delete and swipe left

Delete from My Patterns. 1.

From the Home screen select Patterns, then select My Patterns


Next select Captured Patterns, then a category 


Choose a Pattern, then select the trash can in the top right corner to delete the pattern

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